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Wang Lee is an actor who Ang looks up to.


Appearances in Legend of the DragonEdit

Hero Worship - His first appearance is in the episode Hero Worship, it starts with Ang fighting the Zodiac Master, he uses the quote "Lets say you and I do a little dance, I'll lead." from one of Wang Lee's movies. He is next seen being filmed for a movie, he forgets his lines and threatens to fire the director, when talking on the phone the Zodiac Master tries to kidnap him, but Ang takes him to the Dojo and hides him in his room. While he is there Ang sees how selfish he is and starts to dislike him. When Wang Lee is in his room he sees his cell phone on a tree branch where Xuan Chi left it, when Wang Lee tries to get it back, he falls out the window and turns on his cell phone, not knowing Ling was tracking him. He gets a call from the Zodiac Master and tries to run away, but overhears Ang and Xuan Chi talking. Ang says that he thinks Wang Lee is a coward and mean. The Zodiac Master kidnaps Wang Lee and he tells him that Ang doesn't like him anymore. Eventually Wang Lee escapes and helps Ang fight, during the fight Wang Lee learns how to be brave. After the fight he returns to making the movie with the director, however, he is now kind and Ang likes him again.


Movies Wang Lee has stared inEdit

According to Ang, Wang Lee has stared in several movies, including:

  • Angry Blood
  • Fists of Thunder
  • Tooth and Nails


  • "Lets say you and I do a little dance, I'll lead."
  • "After all, I love a good fight as much as the next guy."